15 Year Old YAASHWIN SARAWANAN Is A HUMAN CALCULATOR! | Asia's Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

გამოქვეყნდა 7 მარ 2019-ში
YAASHWIN SARAWANAN is a #HumanCalculator and he can do math faster than you can press your calculator. Don't believe it? Get your calculator ready and press along!
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  • He gus very2 genius and talent...i hope another century give the vote...

  • I do nOt asSociate wItH nIggErs💀💀😂 Jkkkkk

  • He gonna be the winner. Definitely.. Good and fair judges

  • Teacher: ok class you have 1 hour and 30 mins to complete math exam also no calculators Student: ok Yaashwin get back in the bag

  • Wow i wish i could do that...i have a memory more than a computer n able to do calculations in my head but wow this is young man is blessed with a gift.

  • It's always the indians

  • Katil bhai

  • You make malaysia proud of you


  • *Divide by 0!*

  • Holy shit 😂😱I'm shooketh

  • My country Malaysia🙈💜

  • Wow ady 15M.

  • Me: 8 plus 8 is 16... right? Me: pulls out calculator anyways just to be sure

  • How good do you have to be at math for it to be considered a talent in Asia?

  • Why don't you solve some of the toughest math problems like the millennium problems instead of just showing off!

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  • But the EQ to understand that his little show doesn't improve people's own experience with math is far too low... he will have one miserable life

  • He is using google glasses or a microphone in his ear

  • He must be great at coolmathsgames

  • Me: Puts 1+1 in calculator Calculator: Am I a joke to you?

  • He turns me on. I want him to win!!!!

  • He is a real human calculator ❤️

  • “I want to prove that maths is fun” Yeah but what about doing high school math in your head

  • J.park is like I don't like Maths.but if you are my Maths teacher,I will become a Human calculator.

  • #whythisisinmyrecommendation... but its actually good

  • This is just amazing 😁

  • This is why Indian scientist invented the zero

  • Hope you could check out my 2 GE-tv channels. They call me the HUMAN COMPUTER. i will be breaking the world record for 20 -DIGIT x 20-DIGIT MENTAL MULTIPLICATION this year.

  • Robotic intelligence

  • Math teacher will be flippin' with this kid

  • And some one telling him the answers

  • He probs has a secret earphone in his ear

  • Only on Asia’s got talent😭

  • Square roots of 60? If you get in the final... can u step up? Like memorizing the logarithm ?

  • In the name of yaash +win =yaashwin

  • I still think about 2x2

  • *He must be possessed by a demon who is brilliant in maths.* 🤓

  • Simple secret of vedic mathematics

  • i dont understand, why he didn't do substraction?

  • Any JEE aspirant could do that

  • absolute talent. vote for him to go to the finals!

  • Could do with him at the Casino

  • cool!!!

  • Tamilzan da

  • I'm faster: 0+0=0

  • If he got selected what will he get

  • I thought it's Scientific.

  • This is called vadic math given by Aaryabhatt from India. It is very popular in India.

  • Nice Fucking Indian Incenso Scammer

  • What the!! He is the best in math

  • 🤓🤓🤓🤓👌👌👌👌😱😱😱😱😵😵

  • That judge is such a douche

  • ge-tv.net/tv/%E1%83%95%E1%83%98%E1%83%93%E1%83%94%E1%83%9D-vYhNj_vwP1I.html

  • He has a wire

  • It means to be good in maths you need to dump your girlfriend

  • I bet his cock is black...

  • What's your secret

  • I went from scammers to math Magicians

  • It may of not been the most entertaining but u gotta respect talent that was good

  • Where are from this guy 🎃🎃!!

  • i wonder how many of these comments are stale "asians are good at math" jokes

  • Albert Einstein who???

  • Do my homework? 😂

  • jay just chillin

  • T series quick maths

  • the new human photo math

  • so I can ummmm... make a 36% on a test!!

  • Legend has it he cant graduate from high school because he cant pass math, since he is not allowed in during tests and exams since he is a calculator, which caused him to fail every year. Which makes him a failure.

  • Who said blacks cant do math?

  • So wtf is he gonna do in the next round? Do more math lol

  • what ever you do remember theres an asian that will do it better

  • Classic South Indian 😂😂😂😂

    • Malaysian Tamil

    • Shashank Naidu dude. You are just a Canadian citizen with Indian ancestry. And you know that India does not even allow dual citizenship.

    • Even I was born and brought up in Canada that doesn’t mean I’m not a indian

    • Shashank Naidu he is Malaysian and is it that hard for you to understand as he already said it? He doesn’t read Tamil and he doesn’t even speak Hindi.

  • Teacher: This Is a Calculator Allowed test Me: Can I bring him along? *points at Yaashwin* Teacher nods in agreement, and lets me go.

  • Disslikers R From Calculator 😂🤣

  • The freemason lucifarian Symbolism is strong here .smh

  • Wow bro

  • When a cliché becomes true.

  • nope i still hate math

  • He is better than calculator😍😍😍

  • 15 years old 15 million views

  • I need him in maths class

  • He said 25 1:56

  • He is a person of Indian origin

    • Gaurav Gupta Indian ancestry yes but he is of many many generations of Malaysian citizen

  • Bro just teach me math

  • i need him during my math exams

  • who like asia got talent like here


  • Speechless...... 😬😊😊

  • Ohhh it's cool!!. Sure, i always keep watching you jay park

  • *Harvard : Do you want admission boy?*

  • Are you sure he’s from Malaysia? No offense but he looks and sounds Indian, in fact, I have so many Indian friends back in Dubai who talk and sound like yaashwin

    • Ramy Fares yes he is from malaysia. He was born and raised in malaysia and he learns his maths in malaysia and he doesn’t read Tamil let alone speaking Hindi.

  • *Harvard wants to know to know your location*

  • He's a South Indian right?? Looks like one tho

    • Suparna Sinha he is from malaysia he was born and raised in malaysia and he doesn’t read Tamil and he doesn’t speak Hindi.

  • nice la macha! longlivemalaysian!

  • Aren't you born with this?

  • He gotta diabetes with maths ... Just kissed a maths teacher in the past !!!

  • Cok güzel

  • UH SHE UP Cuma orang indonesia yang mengerti

  • Woahhh malaysia guyyy