A Tour Of My Plants

გამოქვეყნდა 14 მარ 2019-ში
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These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - ge-tv.net/ch/UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - ge-tv.net/ch/UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - ge-tv.net/username-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - ge-tv.net/ch/UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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  • sis your eyebrows look good

  • i'm dead LOL

  • Hoyas need to be planted in vermiculite and bark and perlite. Lots of drainage but they love to be misted. I have a video where you can see mine in massive amounts of flowers and it’s a 30 year old plant....she BIG!

  • Its all good. Im 21 and have over 300 house plants

  • Yes la holla jackson. !! I died haha

  • Is this because of mars?

  • I broke my foot falling down my stairs the other week because I was taking my succulents to go outside for the day. I feel you Jenna. Haha

  • I am so glad I could grow up with your videos just to become the exact same person as you. Ive had purple hair for 6 years, got a horticulture degree a few years ago, been obsessed with my dog, and love making weird new stuff. I love you I want to be friends so bad 😭💜

  • as a nonbinary friend I feel loved! plus nonbinary culture is plants so this video is legit the best to exist. ily jenna

  • already crying in the first 10 secs

  • This is the genuine shit I NEED. Love this video

  • This video seriously got me to leave my house and buy a plant today. I'm a 30yr old lady as of tomorrow so ITS TIME DAMMIT

  • Surround yourself with people who support you and care for you and show you the flexibility and attention that Jenna shows her plants

  • I want to see you and Monty Don get together and talk about plants

  • Why was this so entertaining like now I’m invested in buying plants

  • Damn jenna this really shows that u have way too much spare time on your hands. Like who tf has the time to care for 100 different plants all the time??

  • Can I get a... HOYAH

  • Jenna if you take palm boi in the bathroom when you shower he'll get some humidity! and you can bond

  • If I bought this many plants, they would all die. impressive.

  • I think we just love watching you because of your awesome personality. You could literally be clipping your toe nails and I would still click on the video lmao

  • You could put an airplant in that corner

  • 𝕁𝕖𝕟𝕟𝕒 𝕚𝕤 𝕒 𝒬𝒰ℰℰ𝒩

  • I literally loved this 😂❤️

  • The Oxalis is my favoriteeeeee

  • I wish I could keep my plants alive, gave up and bought bunch of fake ones :'(

  • My fiance and I went and bought a bunch of plants after watching this video, including a hoya that currently lives in our kitchen

  • You're lucky that your dogs don't eat everything. My cat wants to put everything in her mouth, so I have to keep everything out of reach and non-toxic.

  • This reminds me of the way Robert Irwin talks about his animals when he goes on Jimmy Fallon. You are the Robert Irwin of plants.

  • Do you have plants native to California though? That might be important for outdoor plants!!! House plants may not have such urgency for that stuff, but many plants all over the US have been killed because certain types of non-native plants have overrun them :( Just letting you know! This is probably one of my favorite videos of yours btw

  • I’m only halfway through this video and I can tell you that I would watch this all day everyday. This makes me so calm and happy and she is so excited about her plants. I need to get back to my roots and start gardening again! (lol I’m hysterical. Roots.)

  • I’m here and a 32 yr old lady. Holler

  • that shirt! are you going to your step grandparents barbeque?!

  • I’m so late but I LOVE THIS!! Finally someone who loves plants like I do. I started to think I was weird for being so into my plants ( aka my babies 😍). Once you get into the plant world you can’t but help but get deep into it .

  • I need someone to hype me up like Jenna does her plants

  • When are you getting a bonsai tree? It’s really the next logical step.


  • I love how she was carrying Kermit around like an actual child

  • Jenna inspired me to go buy plants and love them lol

  • Let's appreciate the an Cermet's face at 2:58 (and of course all the plant children)

  • Okay but the ring on her hand???

  • For the love of your life, Julio seems fitting, like a passionate slow growing lover haha 😍😘 I love your pure energy Jenna!!

  • You should check out mountain crest gardens if you like succulents. They got the best succulents. I keep buying moreeeeeee send hellpppp. Also thanks for the other website cuz I NEED MORE. You have awesome plants :D Im sad we can't get some of those same kinds, cuz we dont have a true south facing window so we need bright light plants, shade plants, or plants that can live on just a few hours of strong evening light rofl.

  • Get you a friend that loves you like Jenna loves her plants...

  • kensnursery.com/product/xl-fan-like-kenya-beauty-sansevieria/ ....this might be a good one to add to the collection....for indoors or out on a patio

  • The amount of knowledge you have about plants is amazing.

  • Best video you've put out in 10 years 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 #Hellyeah

  • Bc it’s not an oxalis bc that’s not what pops up when I google it and I just want a tiny tree

  • Is it bad that I clocked that she's wearing the pastel flannel that Julien bought her like what 1-2 years ago??

  • What’s the name of the plant that looks like a fall tree

  • ARE SHE AND JULIEN ENGAGED??? She had a huge engagement ring in the thumbnail🤔

  • I’m a succulent kinda girl

  • Jenna is so adorably innocent and loving and appreciative and I LOVE this video this has calmed me down on a tough day THANK YOU JENNA FOR YOUR PURITY AND LOVELINESS

  • Why is this my fav video ever- I’m a 13 year old girl

  • Lol the way you talk to your plants is how my grandma talks to hers

  • I might be a child but my spirit is one of a 32 year old lady

  • THIS IS AMAZING one of my favorite internet videos of all time.

  • You would love a Hoya Bella. If I lived in the states I'd give you a piece of mine!

  • Loved the tour. Vegan gardeners that don't grow food? Weird.

  • I really think we tend to forget just how intelligent Jenna is, and always has been so. Like she’s so happy just spewing all of this knowledge of plants and remembering all the specific names of all of the plants and she’s so in her zone. Just a reminder that she’s a fucking intellectual

  • Holy shit. This chick knows her plants! Why have we not know this about you .... UNTIL NOW?? 🤯🤯🤯

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • 26:30 I was waiting to see if Jenna had some of these, because I remember my mom had them like forever. Two big pots that ended up growing so big and long she had to wrap the vines around the ceiling all the way to out main hallways and back. The pots were placed on each side by out living room window and the corner from top to bottom was full of the leaves. It was pretty fascinating and annoying cuz she was obsessed with those two plants.

  • Jenna would be such a good mom

  • But why was this video so relaxing and soothing?

  • nothing more relaxing than jenna marbles talking about plants

  • I have a medium sized aloe Vera plant. My only plant, he’s name is Hank from finding Dory 🌱🐟

  • my interests are snakes, bones and plants. I'm the most boring person alive

  • Check out Garden Answers. She lives in the high desert of Oregon she has an amazing property that she is planting a ton this year including trees, shrubs and flowers. I love outdoor gardening working with the dirt and earth is also rewarding. Someday I'll have lots of inside plants we move around too often and hate to just leave them behind :( At least the plants I've planted in the landscape will be enjoyable for the tenant after us.

  • I’m not even 5 minutes into the video

  • you should become one of your plants and spend a day living like them to reach the ultimate level of green thumbing human-plant empathy ever! After this you should be able to be the best plant mom in the world

  • We have about half of these plants growing outside our house! We dont even know how they got here

  • Too much gene is in full effect

  • I thought this video was going to be terrible. Boy, was I wrong. Beautifully shot and informative. Thanks!

  • THat palm definitely needs to be named Mufasa...just saying.

  • I loved this, it's actually inspiring and I love how the video was put together 10/10

  • I thought it was a tour of her pants

  • I love the fact you have all these amazing plants. So are you going to have kids soon? @jennamarbles

  • *jenna that is a lot of plants*

  • Ring on the wedding finger...just saying..

  • Sort of like *explodealittle*

  • I never asked for this video but honestly I love this so freaking much!!

  • 22 years old and i genuinely enjoyed this.... 😂♥️

  • I'm sorry? Is that a pastel, light, button up shirt? that one would wear to your Step-Grandparents barbecue? That Julien bought?

  • Anyone else shook that she can remember all of these names of all the plants, or is it just me?

  • JENNA! Place your pots on a tray with stones and water that sticks out around the bottom and it will raise the relative humidity around that plant when the water evaporates!

    • Perlite works too garden.org/ideas/view/threegardeners/107/How-To-Create-Humidity-for-Your-Houseplants/

  • Did anyone notice that Jenna has on the same shirt Julien got her in the my boyfriend buys my outfits video?

  • This video is so wholesome! I loved learning about your plant babies

  • This video is what started my plant addiction 🤪

  • Damn Jenna I didn’t realize how many fuckin plants you have😂

  • Why am I so interested? And also why do I want a fish now.

  • what a pleasant video :) thank you for this one!!!

  • You need a bonsai tree 🥰🥰🥰🥰 that would be sooo cute

  • I absolutely love seeing her so happy and intrigued with these lovely plants

  • Holy shit I love this!

  • I'm sorry I didn't listen to the 32 yɛɑʀ ѳʆɗ ʆɑɗy disclaimer but as a pre teen i still enjoyed the plants

  • I live down the road from Logees!

  • 2:22 nasty boy make appearance

  • Only Jenna can make a video like this interesting

  • I love you and have been subscribed for years!! You're inspiring me to get and care for plants!! They seem to bring you joy!! Plants are intimidating tho. Scared to kill them. Love you guys and your furbabies!💖 P.S. 🌿🍃you truly are a crazy plant lady!!🤣😘

  • Roberto and poco roberto are so cute