Best DIY Prank Wins $10,000 Plus How To Do Funny Magic Tricks & Slime vs Food Challenge

გამოქვეყნდა 13 აპრ 2019-ში
Learn how to do the 8 best diy pranks as brother vs brother compete to win a $10,000 prize. Plus funny prank magic tricks and a crazy new Starbucks inspired slime vs real food challenge you need to know how to do!

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Last time brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself competition to make amazing kitchen hacks, test a genius new art challenge game, and create Disney characters like Dumbo out of pancakes. Today’s battle has an epic milk jug prank, the ultimate jelly eggs, a giant edible Apple iPhone, and more! Perfect for pranking your family, friends or classmates at school, these easy and fun tricks use household products like Quaker oats, Blue Diamond almond milk, pancake art bottles, and Elmer’s white glue. It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this entertainment and education life hack tutorial compilation series.


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Ingredients, supplies and tools used:
Surprise Jug
• Orange juice
• Coconut milk
• Balloons
• Shaving cream
Coffee Slime
• Starbucks
• Foam soap
• Opti-Free contact solution
• Clear glue
• Sta Flo
Granola Energy Bar
• Measuring spoon
• Peanut butter
• Honey
• Dates
• Spatula
• Wusthof
• Activated charcoal
• Wilson piping bag
• Parchment wax paper
• Paint brush
Jelly Egg
• Blueberries
• Fruit
• Potion
• Water
• Agar agar powder
Meat Prank
• Pillsbury crust
• Beef
• Onion
• Kroger paper towels
• Garlic
• Paprika
• Morton Salt
• Potato
• Beets
• Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
Cashew Cactus
• Matcha powder
• Bread
• Clay flower planter
• Pretzels
• Sunflower seeds

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