FIERCE And FABULOUS, This Performance Screams GIRL POWER! | Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

გამოქვეყნდა 21 თებ 2019-ში
As David said, “Never underestimate the power of a woman”.
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  • They should have been in the finals of WOD...they were ROBBED! Pure works of art!

  • I tried to learn the dance steps at home. But I was chased out by my Wife. Cause I damaged the TV, broke her vase, destroy her painting...

  • Very Sony Xperia lol

  • 볼때마다 개그콘서트보다 웃기다 개 븅신같네

  • 過去作品見たなかで迫力が足りなかったのは気のせいか…WODの時より落ちてる風に見えてしまう。

  • They were on World Of Dance last year and now they are on Britain Got Talent.. They are so fu*#ing talented, they get better every time.

  • and now they join BGT

  • It s cool 🖒

  • They are also in Britain's Got Talent 2019.

  • all the love Japan

  • I m dancer too and i think the best dancer are fabulous sisters.bravo ladies from Japan.i love this group dancer

  • I am forever a Fabulous Sister fan!!!!

  • فلك طرجن

  • いつも!応援してます

  • Fabulous Sisters should be the pride of Japan!

  • WoW Top 10. Anime Dances Umm so whats the title of the anime? Btw da graphics look so realistic

  • They deserves to win I guess. They're perfect.

  • 有些動作有日本獨特風,最後有慢動作的效果,全程感覺品質很高,能令人感動

  • Go fabulous sister. I am fans on you

  • The most boring judges of all time

  • Can anyone tell me what the name of the song the awesome dancers dance with?

  • Black and gold they suit better on WOD US

  • The camera crew is terrible.

  • 1:43 JEON JUNGKOOK 💜💜only Armys will understand .

  • I love this girls to women i first saw u guys on tge world of dance and I still love u guys

  • The performance is extraordinary but the music was underwhelming. The music that they used in world of dance was incredible and went well with the choreography

  • I've never seen people dance so aggressively and IN SYNC!!!

  • but i wont like😂😂😂

  • Que guapo esta jay por dios!!! Que gran talento las chicas me encantaria bailar asi :'3

  • Imagine trying to learn this dance like any other kpop choreo..


    • Only one thing missing: “a story”

  • buttttt .... men can still do better lol ... heck even for the recent beauty competition transexual man got that xD giving birth thoughhhhhhhhhh tempting trigger hmm?

    • What a wonderfully, carefully crafted comment. In all seriousness and as a side comment, I think part of the point is that men dancing with so much anger would be seen as more normal.

  • i really wish them to win this whole season

  • The background music was awesome... what is the tittle?

  • They are my inspiration now, love from China UwU

  • Literally watching their video for like 1 hour straight and now I'm finally here at AGT

  • They are the best of World

  • This is a bit creepy. But at the same time it gives me chills. Very different style of dancing, amazing performance!

  • Wow 😮

  • They should've WON World of Dance! They were ROBBED

  • For a moment..I had to check that the speed was on normal

    • that we call tecnic in chreo.

  • Underrated! These girls should be a Champion!

  • They're wearing their glack and gold skirt? Kyaa~ loved them since World of Dance!!!

  • They show the beauty and power of japanese woman, hope get the final

  • Its so funny that many of their moves are recycled from their performance on WOD.

    • Id use them too shiitt. Lol. They fed WOD great ideasand great performances and got robbed.

  • Fabulus Vampires

  • So glad that they did a different routine from World of dance ! These girls are insane ! So creative !

    • Actually, this routine was the same as the duel routine with some changes

  • Amazing dance 😭😱

  • Super wow

  • Super wow

  • Always a fan of this group!

  • Wow, their power 🔥

  • RESPECT WOMEN by their talents and anything more...GIRL POWER!!!(even if i'm a girl)

  • my favorite group in World of Dance 💃

  • Even the speech mk me love them

  • *What did they eat??*

  • WOD

  • She started a dance school at 15? Wow 😲

  • Felt like Semifinals WOW

  • they joined the world of dance

  • Song please

  • Wow!

  • Their performance looks have more energy and I lot of girl power plus they deserve a golden buzzer than maniac family ps their competing with maniac family in the first semi finals

    • That's why I feel sorry for Maniac family

  • That was the golden buzzer performance.

  • I love Japanese. 😁💓

  • they deserve a golden buzzer

  • they better get the golden buzzer than that other dance group

  • They are so fierce and fast and their energy is on another level👏👏👏👏👏

  • ahh my fav group from wod 💕


  • Everything is happening so fast😨

  • skintone suit brought me here so sad i just realized it

  • What is the song?

  • Yessssss soooo kl GIRL POWER

  • Golden buzzer

  • awesome dance

  • These girls should have joined Maniac Family as golden acts

  • This group really deserves a golden buzzer

    • +vThor Sanchez and that performance in WOD deserves

    • they don't deserve a golden buzzer, what they're doing is same old WOD 2018

    • If I was a judge, I would have given them a golden buzzer. That was awesome!

  • These judges are LAME AF. Whomever hired them needs to get canned. No energy whatsoever.

  • Anggun i love you 😘

  • Wow! The best female dance ever.. good luck girls..

  • i'm still like WOW!!

  • Magnificent performance.


  • eeeyyy lakas pota

  • they take group dance to another whole level n make the other dance groups look ordinary

  • え〜なんか前の作品で見た要素の寄せ集め感が凄い… 衣装もマントの裏金にしてダンスに活かすのも同じ

  • I could have hammered that golden buzzer over there if was there 😅

  • I love young talented girls.

  • I’m speechless 👏 bravo !!!

  • I’m speechless bravooo!!!

  • Love them since WOD!

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 super love fabulous sisters....

  • this is beginning just warming up dance from them.hihihi more will coming...

    • When i was watching their performances in wod, my jaw dropped. Too perfect n their dance moves looked like in a fast forward speed. Now i cant wait to see their next performance in AGT2019.

  • Yes! I hope this get a Golden Buzzer

  • my winner from WOD!

  • What a performance

  • They are from the World Dance!! They are really amazing!! Their choreography are unbelievable

  • It just another dance 🙃