Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | Special Look

გამოქვეყნდა 2 აპრ 2019-ში
“It’s not about how much we lost, it’s about how much we have left.”
Tickets are now available for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, in theaters April 26:
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  • That shot of the giant ship is so menacingly badass

  • joke batman kill thanos

  • I feel like cap Thor and iron man are going to be fighting against thanos and thanos will beat Thor and cap so the vision tony has comes true and then tony defeats thanos

  • so far this is the perfect trailer😍 keep coming to it.........

  • I started ugly crying in my head when Tony looked at the photo of him and Peter 😭

  • 0:37 *ship has sailed*

  • *Tony: You trust me?* *CAP: No, I don't :v* *CIVIL WAR 2*

  • It took my dad 2 hours to get tickets we are going the same day it comes out

  • I got Avengers Infinity War on DVD and I watch it. Avengers Infinity War and they disappear and vanish. What is the different between Avengers Infinity War and Endgame and how it's connected to the storyline. Where is Anthony Mackie character and Hulk and Spiderman and two other guys one guy sided with Iron man in Civil War and Doctor Strange help Iron Man to bring down Thamos and Black Panther and Samuel L. Jackson character. Why Marvel Avengers Endgame changing Scarlett Johansson character and she was Black Widow and now she is the other character. I want you to know your thoughts and opinion and who ever commented on this video and If I'm wrong and I'm wrong.


  • 0:09 are those hands on the walls

  • when tony looked at the pic of him and peter just gave me chills

  • I remember when I was 12 years old my dad took me to see iron man in theatres. And soon we’ll both be going to see endgame. Words can’t describe the hype.

  • "You can not live with your own failure but what did that bring back to me" Me: gangsta

  • Only thing that probobley will suck is brie larson

  • Why ?? Why ?? Does it have to end man???? Cmon :(

  • When he was looking at peter Parker’s photo opf

  • Can't wait to see Cap v Cap and Hulk v Hulk))

  • All those dislikes are from DC fans

  • Ima get that ticket Whatever it takes

  • Chris Evans shaved his beard

  • I erm, am commenting on a bunch of these trailers, hopefully we meet again Why does Tony have the most recyclable lines, like We're the Avengers, Endgame now, more and stuff lol

  • Tony Revenge peter parker Steve Revenge bucky Thor Revenge loki

  • bruh they gave her a better smile in this one. brie can act, right?

  • I want to see Domino from Deadpool try to get snapped

  • One week until the most anticipated movie in history makes it's debut.

  • Get ready for the Biggest Event of the year in a week . It's gonna be huge

  • 0:51 They Started This, So Shall They End It

  • For anyone esle does it says the video is 3:18 long but it tries to take me to another video after a minute?

  • Trevor Slattery dies in Avengers: Endgame.

  • My number is (443) 596-5469, I will send you the video to the ending

  • If you did not get a ticket a week ago your in the endgame now

  • Me pongo nostalgicaaaa!!

  • Thor is dead he dies in this captain marvel and others are too until they reverse time and everyone is brought back including thor who died earlier

  • Tony looks so old at 0:28

  • Me getting ready for endgame after watching infinity war 0:09

  • Picture with spiderman made me cry

  • Tony do you trust me Steve no Civil war 2 start

  • The beggining of AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON will be the same as somewhere in the ENDGAME!

  • Anything Thanos cares more than destroying the universal population .............. is changing skin tones

  • Thanos did nothing wrong and I do not Believe it

  • I feel pity for those 7.6k People

  • Thanos killed doctor strange because he saw endgame before us and does not want him to spoil it.

  • This cast is boring me already

  • Jokes on everyone, I bought my tickets for $15 each, then I sold them for $75 each to some guy that really wanted to impress his lady 😂

  • 0:30

  • 🔥

  • 6 days

  • Jeeze Avengers. Do you think any of you could pose a little more?

  • Dude this is going to be the highest grossing film of all time

  • 0:51 Thanos: OHH YEAHHHHHHHH

  • Ok Marvel. After Avengers Endgame, a movie of Captain Marvel and Hela trading barbs and blows across the universe would be really entertaining and epic

  • Awesome

  • Where’s hulk?

  • Banner look so hesitant and unsure of himself. We didnt see him in the spaceship scene (unless it was intentionally cut). I said thia 10m times, I BETTER GET TO SEE WORLD BREAKER HULK.

  • I've had my tickets preordered since they went on sale and now I won't even be able to see it because in moving 😖😭

  • Who feels like this month is speeding by?

  • It's creeping me out how the last clip's backdrop looks so similar to Tony's vision in Age of Ultron.

  • Me on a math test:Whatever it takes

  • When tony gets back I only need him to say 1 thing when he steps off the ship. “I need an American cheeseburger”

  • Why is no one talking about Hawkeye’s tattoos???!!!

  • That one scene where he holds the thing and says the words is the best scene of the entire movie

  • One MORE WEEK!

  • I don’t think most of the shots are gonna be in the movie

  • It’s sad that Stanlee died and couldn’t see the ending movie that he took years of this universe to build but I think he will know that he served a purpose , like a actual character in the franchise

  • Ad company: How many trailers do you want made? Marvel: Yes...

  • Thor will go for the face 😉

  • My phone is on 1% and I’ve watched this trailer five times in a row and still get giggly like my five year self. I’m 18 😂. HYPE

  • Oh my god Let me see the whole thing now lol

  • Is Gamora in it?

  • I literally spent this whole video staring at the thumbnail and the way Hawkeye is looking at everyone

  • 0:50 tony looks different is it me

  • I got 3 tickets for Thursday night yay

  • Does anyone notice when Tony picks up the portrait its Tony from the first Avengers

  • I just realized that 0:24 and 0:27 are the same scenes


  • The thanos encounter music on the trailer and when the avengers walk to music is intense

  • I'm really looking forward to seeing this, but I'm not even going to try the first week.

  • You know your teams. You know your missions. Opening night. No drinks. No bathroom breaks. No risking being too late. Stay for credits. Whatever it takes. Remember, Dr. Strange watched Endgame. But not us.

  • Thanos Were His Helmet This Time Because He Know That Thor Would Be Going For The Head!!!!!

  • I bought tickets for the 10:30 pm show for my last day of spring break :) can’t wait to see this film

  • I can't wait

  • The suit Tony’s wearing looks like the old one from the comics

  • *O N E W E E K A W A Y*

  • “You cannot live with your own faliure”

  • Thanos:”you cannot live with your own faliure,where did that bring you?back to me”

  • Roses are red Thor didn't go for the head Thanks to that We got an Endgame

  • If not for larsen, i might see it.

  • I have a friend who saw the ending they were acting and thanks loses he says idk honestly

  • Bruce : if we do this we will be going on short handed War machine : yes because they killed all our friends. Black widow : we owe this to everyone who’s not in this room to try Iron man : it’s not about how much we lost ... it’s about how much we have left Iron man : we are the avengers we gotta finish this ...... do you trust me. Captain America : i do Thanos : you could not live with your own failure ... what did that bring you back to me Avengers end game

  • This is the best ENDGAME trailer!!

  • Absolute bullshit that they're advertising only the first 15-20 min of the movie

  • Can't Wait!!!!

  • They go collect the 6 gems. Stark builds a guanlet for the Hulk. They go back and time to save the avengers and then they all team up at the end to take down Thanos. Not a theory but from the leaks. Enjoyed the spoiled movie

  • When I saw the pic of Spidey and iron Man I broke down.

  • Please let there be one last cameo for Stan Lee😔😢😭

  • Captain America: Whatever it takes Tony Stark: Whatever it takes Drax: I'll do you one better, WHYever it takes

  • Antman now get bigger that your inside of him !!!!!!!

  • I’ll go see it as long as captain marvel is not in the movie.

  • Everyone needs to stop being against Brie Larson, she makes GREAT points, infact i say we start by recasting this middle aged white chick in Captain Marvel (and any future projects) with Beyonce, Tika Sumpter, Kiersey Clemons, Logan Browning , any would really be preferred !