Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

გამოქვეყნდა 14 მარ 2019-ში
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • I fell like captain marvel hasn't earned her place in the mcu just yet

  • ありがとうスターク ありがとうキャプテン あなた達の事は一生忘れますん

  • Tony and steve hug

  • Garentee best movie of all time

  • Guys let’s continue it I’ll start *Whatever it takes*

  • Where’s groot?!😭

  • You might like her, but she doesn't like any of you, and no one else likes her.

  • Tony: Whatever it takes Clint: Whatever it takes Widow: Whatever it takes Thanos: Whatever it takes

  • Whatever It Takes.

  • 1:28 looks to me as if Warmachine has an Instant Kill.

  • How come nat hulk/banner and hawkeye where the only ones that were not seen in the original white looking color over the other avengers...

  • i can't wait to play apex

  • *Capitana Marvel no tuvo miedo porque Thor no apunta a la cabeza :V*

  • Just throw Ant man into thanos ear and let ant man become bigger

  • Keep Calm, Thanos is sitting in his barn, Thor should have gone for the arm

  • If you pause it at 2:21 black widow has blonde hair still and it’s short the rest of the trailer it red and seems to be longer ????

  • Could any man crawl into thanos ear and then go bigger than thanos

  • Captain Marvel defeats thanos by accusing him of sexual assault

  • I clicked on the ad because the thumbnail looked like it had Sam Claflin in it lol.

  • Filme Du caralho um bj na alma do Stan Lee

  • 3 things happened today: 1). My friend said he hate Avengers 2). He got hit by a bus. 3). My bus license got suspended

  • 1:51 fcking goosebumps 😍😍🤯🤯

  • 36 days until the 26th


  • This has probably been pointed out dozens of times, but one of the biggest things I noticed is during the team shot at the end (presumably before they travel through time), arguably the three strongest Avengers aren't there--e.g. Thor, Captain Marvel, and Hulk. Makes you wonder what they're off doing...

  • I will book one ticket for each show on 26th. Whatever it takes. My (empty) wallet looking at me:seriously bro?

  • So who else is STILL watching this over and over? :P

  • The song must whatever it takes imagine dragons

  • Nobody: Avengers: *theme song loudly plays*

  • What if thanos is Thor’s real father

  • Does anyone else think that the avengers are in the soul stone

  • Esperaba más pero aún así se siente la adrenalina

  • Patrick Star *Gonna WIN* you crazy ppl PATRICK CAN ONE SHOT THANOS

  • i sorta hoped there be an iron man 4 before it all ended

  • Хүүхэлдэйн кино

  • When this movie comes out I heard some more people are getting snapped away DC

  • So tony makes it home after all huh?

  • Is this movie goin to be 3 hours long I’m just curious???

    • PmoneyMoneyMaker yes my friend

  • Some people would be mad if Stan Lee gave the final blow to Thanos But not us!

  • I GOT A NOVA THEORY: this boy harley played and role in iron man 3 he lived with his mother and sister alone, and his father was missing just like in the comic books. i think he used the technology he got from tony to find his father, and so he found the helmet of nova and he have the age 17 and nova also is that young in the comics and that is why he is nova and he plays in Avenger's Endgame a role. And i think he also trained on the planet Xander and then thanos came for the infinty stone and had destroyed Xander and I think nova wants to take revenge for this and we get to see him in avengers endgame and he is having a role in Avengers endgame. Go look it for you on google type Avengers Endgame en go to cast you sey it the actor is ty simpkins

  • We need tamil

  • came here after a Dolan Dark meme.

  • S-Master: Whatever it takes!

  • Some people can easily wait one more month for this movie But not us, ....not us.

  • (Marvel: do a trailer expecting good feedbacks and critics. *(Comments Section: whatever it takes* *(Marvel: im a joke to you?*

  • R.I.P. DC

  • Sudah padam semua min.. Hallo bagi para pecinta komik yuk mampir ke channel aku juga, dan nonton komik episode terbaru setiap hari... Terimakasih 😍😘

  • If goose dies in Endgame I'll rant about pancake rights

  • I really hope most of the scenes of this trailer to be in the movie, because everything here is epic.

  • Alex Trebek: What is the title of this video? Drax: Avengers: Age of Ultron Alex Trebek: Sorry that's incorrect Drax: Oh sorry....why is Avengers: Age of Ultron? Alex Trebec: ....

  • And Wade asks Natasha, "you really practicing your gun skills? Really?"

  • April 26th is coming so slowly!

  • Where is thanos ??

  • I like how they used the music for Jusrrasic world

  • Wait, why is everybody on the internet talking about a Stan Lee themed intro? I don’t see it..

    • On the Cap Marvel, Marvel logo intro

  • 2:14 here come the memes

  • I don’t know if anyone noticed this but cap is wearing his old suit probably when they go back in time or something

  • 1:29 is one of my favorite shots of all time

  • Who is waiting for 26th april Smash Like Button

  • *Whatever It Takes* Ouch, nobody cares though ;-; Everyone; I care

  • I’m sorry but *where* is Tom Holland?

  • Who Else loves Captain Marvel But thinks Brie Larson isn't the Right Fit ?

    • +Stogie2112 hopefully she doesn't ruin endgame I've waited to long for this plus it's kinda bull how their saying she's better than everyone else she's like brand new

    • Chubbed Nugget ...... Larson’s performance in Captain Marvel had its ups and downs. Hopefully, she will be better in Endgame.

  • Tony:💡💡 Steve: 💪🏻🛡 Thor: ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Clint: 🗡🏹 Natasha: 🔫💈 Scott: ⏱🐜 Nebula: 📡 Rhodes: 🔧⏲⏱🎥🖥 Rocket: 🐿🔫 Thanos: 🍇

    • Big Fan Of Temet 😂😂😂


  • Those suits= 👌👌👌

  • I don’t think they are just teasing us with iron man and nebula at the end. I’m the infinity war trailer, I feel like since hulk was a cgi character, it was easier for them to do that. With the actors, it might be too difficult. I don’t know how they would get there or what part of the movie it takes place in, but I feel like they are not lying right there

  • Time gem... Nothing matters, because time gem.

  • Tf Black Widow gonna do? Shoot Thanos? Convict him of sexual assault? Imagine being less useful than Hawkeye 💀💀

    • Natasha and Barton will do what they always do - fight the war on different fronts. They won't be taking on Thanos directly.

  • Marvel I want to ask why in infinity war groot can lift the hammer thor, but in the avengers nobody can lift the hammer thor, is it because now the hammer is new? ...

    • In "The Avengers", no one was worthy, except for Rogers, who moved it a little bit. We can argue that Groot is worthy of lifting up such a weapon, as his Tree race is highly honored by Asgardians. Yggdrasil is the "World Tree" in Asgardian lore. It contains the Nine Realms.

  • Black widow accuses Thanos of sexual assault and gets him arrested

  • Wait a minute... so does black widow have red hair, or white hair now?

  • People will be at work and school. But not us

    • My spring break is the week its out. Gon see it on april 25

  • Who's tryna time travel with me to April 26 ?

  • 2:14 you should've gone for the head

  • Fun fact : avengers quadrilogy villains had different quotes First movie Loki 1-oh isn't that cute little avengers' sleepin someone finish him off 2-hey someone help the avengers baby up off the floor 3-i'd like to thank my fans for their undying support & the people of earth who'll be seeing very very soon 4-gotta say I thought you'd last longer 5-i salute my fallen enemies 6-that loser didn't stand a chance I mean look at me 7-too easy played you like a violin then cut your strings nighty night avengers (to iron Man & Captain America rescuing the hostages in Germany) In final battle 8-tonight earth I have defeated your dear avengers don't be sad you're next 9-one down who's next to be my chitauri army 10-who else wants to get brainwashed Georgi luchkov 1-& at the end of interrogation chairtied 2-you've failed now dead 3-now bondage takes you forever Age of Ultron Ultron 1-next I will become you avengers 2-this was the performance of the lifetime Armored Ultron 3-i figured you'd had a little more fight in you guess I was wrong 4-oh avengers I thought you'd long laster that that 5-it's okay to die avengers I'll be here to protect earth I'll do a real job 6-(shoots laser) 7-(uses his gravity) 8-(an iron legion turns him armored) Ultron before transformation 9-get up avengers hey you ain't looking so good 10-oh avengers if you only knew what I have planned you'd just died 11-aren't you supposed to be up on your feet & trying to stop me ?! Baron strucker 1-& the judgement is weaponary 2-dead or live 3-looks like your runs out avengers 4-bad luck avengers 5-what's up avengers in two minds to get the scepter let me help you out kill of your team (to iron Man when he's defeating the army) To maximoff twins 6-time to die brother & sister 7-sorry siblings Klaw 1-klaw will kill you 2-klaw must hurt the avengers Infinity war Thanos 1-i was hoping you'd live long enough see what I've planned for this place 2-with you out of the way Earth's will be taking & sooner than I thought 3-that's it all this build & he falls like he's made of sticks what an anti-climatic ending 4-what ? The party's already over ? but I was just getting warmed up 5-i didn't you'd be this easy oh well live & learn 6-unkillable not quiet 7-not your best day avengers now hurry up & die 8-awww to bad so sad 9-looks like I'm gonna need a new henchmen oh we're having so much fun to 10-ding dong the avengers are dead which old avengers the dumb old avengers ding dong the dumb old avengers are dead 11-awww gotta say I thought you'd had more fight in you a lot more fight Ebony maw 1-i'll line my lair with your corpse iron Man 2-looks like the needle surgery is served 3-aaahhh sweet scent if death Cull obsidian 1-slicing isn't it hulk ? 2-i know initimidating aren't it ? Corvus glaive 1-know that you die with honor which that can be said for most 2-you fought well vision but I am stronger faster smarter & so this ends the only way I could 3-you cannot match me Proxima midnight 1-i bet you never expected to be end like this 2-now that you've been dealt with now I've got prize to collect 3-lo siento escarlata, mi láser es la muerte now sleep Endgame Thanos 1-prepare yourself avengers my reign of Wipeout starts now (Tony in guardians space ship) 2-didn't you know avengers you can't save death 3-die knowing that I will make everyone suffer 4-you have failed to stop me avengers now Earth will fall 5-this is the end avengers there's nothing to be sad anymore 6-you die here & captain marvel dies with you 7-i wanted more than your death & Earth's destruction but you forced my hand (Hawkeye escaping from explosion) 8-downside you're dead but the upside we got each other avengers forever 9-this is how it happened this is how the avengers died 10-avengers avengers AVENGERSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!! 11-oops you're dead what does that mean I'm dead get up avengers GET UP 12-well that's what I get for betting it black 13-now if I wasn't in charged this wouldn't happened 14-aww off to see Nick fury & Maria hill pop in country club in sky 15-oh avengers you big kidders you don't feel me avengers AvEnGeRs 16-don't head towards the light it's not fair they'll never let me in 17-who's going to be advanced now war machine ? 18-you should take better care yourself avengery there's two of us in there 19-what the why is everything dusted are we doing better to not die avengers 20-come on avengers you can't die I didn't kill you 21-that's it avengers play dead we've got em right where we (pauses) oh dear 22-well that's one less Nick fury to worry about at least now you won't have tell him the truth about avengers 23-there goes your into lead to guardians well it was fine i'll lasted 24-everything is in a snap 25-it's a little known fact that there's a bit of thanos inside us all come on heroes let your thanos out 26-hey sad alien turn that frown down Captain marvel (before meeting avengers) 1-i own the sky now 2-you're finished & your evil plans finished too 3-look at me while you die heroes LOOK AT ME 4-you're old you're predictable & you never stood a chance 5-it's over hero goodbye 6-i didn't want to end like this avengers I kinda hope'd you put more of a fight 7-you failed okoye avengers & i'll make sure she knows it (if captain marvel blames avengers that killed Nick fury) 8-that's what happens when you take goose you lose 9-nick fury should have known better than count you Before meeting with avengers 10-this is Justice this is what you deserve 11-this makes us even avengers Avengers unused villains quotes

  • Disney and 20th Fox merged X-Men, Fantastic 4, and Deadpool Welcome home

  • Are Imagine Dragons making a cameo?

  • The only thing I'm not a fan of is the suits.. Other than that the movie will be AWESOME!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • To be honest thanos had a good motive. Too much people were in our world and he killed them for us. Thanks thanos from preventing overpopulation.

  • who's here from infinity war trailer?

  • Tᴏɴʏ Sᴛᴀʀᴋ: "Whatever it takes" Dʀᴀx out of nowhere: "I'll do you one better, Whyever it takes"

  • Russo Brothers (to Scarlett Johansson's hairdresser/barber): We bet you can't change Scarlett's hair four times for the Endgame trailers. Scarlett Johansson's hairdresser/barber: HOLD MY BEER

  • I’m not surprised that this has more comment than toy story 4 trailer

  • Creative nursery

  • Most of this was a recap smh

  • Not captain marvel she sucks

  • Listen up Dr.S gave the stone to Thanos to save Iron Man and then said its the only way they would win since he could see the future So Iron Man is the guy thats gonna bring everyone back if im wrong beat me up

  • Hellboy & Avengers, the two I am waiting for the most!

  • Some Will but not us 💔💔💔

  • Zaayumm, thats seems like a massive spoiler to show Tony Stark back with the team already. Like I thought they might keep us in suspense about him makin it back to earth or somethin.

  • The difference of views between EndGame and Infinity War trailer are perfectly balanced… as all thing should be

  • I herd some of this footage is fake but marvel could be messen with us cause they don't want you to see what's really going on

  • I’ve watched this like 20 times

  • Thanos is going to kill captain America and Iron Man and Thor..

    • +Stogie2112 they really die.. Real talk

    • Spolier

    • He kills everyone except Danvers, who says, "I always go for the head," and then blasts his head off.

  • .

  • I ate a sandwich today.

  • Humans population will be quarter in this Movie

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍........................................... Until Brie Larson showed up......Then 🤮

  • Black Panther is also way overrated. I’m a commie, snowflake, socialist, combat veteran Democrat, but that movie was horrible. Just because there was a lot of brothers and sisters doesn’t make it good.

    • I enjoyed it. Good performances all around, great imagery, but the plot was too simple and predictable. After 15 minutes, I knew exactly what was going to happen the rest of the way. No surprises, no suspense. That was a bummer.

  • Some people will only go see the movie once. Bananas