The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia's New Family SUV

გამოქვეყნდა 14 მარ 2019-ში
The 2020 Kia Telluride is a new midsize family SUV. Today I will review the Kia Telluride, and I'm going to show you all the important things to know about the Telluride during my Kia Telluride review.
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  • I thought it was a Range Rover

  • It wants to be a bus so hard

  • I'll telluride now, that's a pretty cool car.

  • Tellyouraid

  • what about the mohave/borrego, it has a third row as well

  • Damn does this “driver talk” feature would be be cool if you could modify your voice. Talk like a chipmunk to make ‘em laugh, talk like a demon when you want them to shut up. So much potential!


  • Ecoboost

  • Doug you have to review the Ford Flex 2019 or

  • The lack of space in the 3rd row could’ve been said for the BMW X7...yet Doug failed to mention anything about that fact. Unless I missed something.

  • Maybe 25k XD 40k for this

  • Doug that kind of guy that would use driver talk, instead of yelling at the top of his lungs like a frantic mother.

  • 12 of 50 Get the fuck out of here Can’t take this guy seriously after that

  • Inspired by Rolls Royce Cullinan.

  • I would totally drive this with driver talk on while driving alone and talking to myself

  • This SUV is midsize?!

  • Seems to have more value than German SUV trashes

  • korean XC90

  • One day the Koreans will make a decent car. We can hope.

  • It looks like the Rolls Royce Cullinan

  • Hyundai Palisade wins

  • One question: do the rear window go all the way down? 1) When you start the car do you get a Kia logo commercial reminding you of the type of car you bought? 2) That is about the cheapest looking leather seats I've seen in a very long time. 3) Infotainment screen looks like an aftermarket glue-on purchased from Amazon. Not something designed from the factory. 4) Is there a cargo cover for the rear storage area? 5) Lots of molded cheap looking plastics

  • Seems pretty nice but I wonder how it will hold value

  • "Welcome to the Kia Telluride Sales Event" LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  • Stop calling it a crossover it's not a crossover it's an SUV or crossover will be something like the Ford Flex that is not a crossover it's just a three-row SUV that kid has made nothing more nothing less it's nothing special and it won't sell that much I promise you that now with its Rivals with the things that it has the things that it does the look of it is so 2009 it's oldest looking it's not nothing special

  • My Ford Flex is better

  • What is the towing capacity?

  • The Volkswagen Atlas has 17 cup-holders.

  • This is a Honda Pilot "knock-off" that has more features than the vehicle it mimics. Many of these "quirky" features are on the Honda, but they always get missed in reviews.

  • I always brush my teeth with a telluride toothpaste. You should too.

    • Telluride toothpaste. Recommended by 3/10 dentists

  • Forgetting a child in the back?.... the volume nob and climate nob is too close and too much alike? Even tho they are different size and not that close? Doug are you retarded or do you think people are really retarded

  • Its a nice big suv with low budget. Im impress with the price range theyre at. The car should be named expllurider

  • Kia is design by North Korea, sold to South Korea, exported to USA

    • Sonny Chau Every industrial and economical contacts in North Korea has been blocked except few countries like China and South East Asia

  • Im in the future Madafaka!

  • Well I don’t want a self driving car... hater

  • What? No mention of the borrego?

  • This car remind me the old Kia Borengo. Anyone?

  • We'll I guess we know what happened to all the 80's leftover Buick paint

  • 5:35 Pilot DD🤣 :D

  • Looks like a yukon with down syndrome

  • Doug we need a Mazda CX-9 signature review

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee rip off

  • @:18 The back looks like the back of the Cullinan. The front reminds me of that concept car Cadillac came out with in 2003 called the 16. - Anyway, it will be a great car. Hopefully, one option will be the I4 Turbo Diesel engine that one of the Sorento models had.

  • U haven't tried to talk to 2nd and 3rd room kids while driving. If u did u would understand that feature. Bet ur reviews will be slightly different once ur a parent.

  • I’d get a minivan instead.

  • Damn, this is better than BMW X7...

  • The styling has really grown on me. When I first saw photos of it, I really wasn't sure. But I'm starting to really appreciate the boxy style and I think the interior is quite impressive too.

  • Who TF named this thing?

  • God I wish my F150 would let me edit the radio source list. All cars should do this. Well done Kia.

  • We should chip in to buy him some nice khakis, I'm tired of looking at these boy scout's shorts and exposed hairy thighs.

  • Huh Kia did a good job on this suv. It kinda feels like they are a genuine and proud car company like everyone use to be.

  • I guess you don’t need to hear what your child is saying from 3rd row as long they can hear the driver 🤣😂

  • Telluride? Tell you what...

  • Does anyone else feel like the upholstery looks sloppy? I notice it mostly on the headrests and around 5:55 when you can see the back of the third row...

  • Come to Clearwater Florida and check out the New Chevy Blazer!

    • I’ll show you the Traverse too! Whatever Chevy you want to see I’ll show you! We will have ZR1s in May/June unless they get sold

  • Doug the type of guy to yell "QUIRKS AND FEATURES" over a store intercom as a prank.

  • How much did Kia pay Doug b/c he's being awfully nice?

  • Do a review on the 2019 Cadillac CTS

  • The front looks like an escalade

  • Looking nice...

  • Doug DeBoring!

  • Design wise, anyone see a bit of rolls royce cullinan

  • i can see some VOLVO traits on the rear.

  • I would not buy that car simply because the carpet behind he second row of seats is loose, not glued down. You can see this at the 6:00 point. I do not live in a mobile home....

  • It doesn't look like a Kia it looks like a fugly GMC

  • Now that is one ugly car

  • looks like a kia rolls royce cullinan

  • Review the Chevy Blazer

  • Doug, the kinda guy to steal your girl, then send you a video of all her quirks and features.

  • Ceiling vents? at 19:25

  • When is Kia gonna make a truck

  • I really wish this had a two-piece tailgate.

  • Now this is how a suv is suppose to look!

  • Ugliest front end ive ever seen, thats saying a lot.. kia never fails to disgust me though so im not really surprised

  • Cheap junky piece of shit with a slab of wood and tons of buttons in the interior to trick the yuppie consumers into thinking theyre driving a high end luxury car, lol cant wait to see these on the roads, not

  • Gotta tell ya, feels like Doug didn't put his all into this review. The model he reviewed is not the one to purchase and I'm shocked that he reviewed the lower end version - although I suppose that is the one the majority will end up in. You absolutely must buy the SX, it's a totally different driving experience, totally different car really. It's little things, like having a turn signal camera in the gauge cluster that makes the car worth buying, the insane camera system, and a variety of other features that you do not get in the models below the SX. Buy the SX.

  • Kia used to have the Mohave which was a seven seat suv larger than the Sorento.

  • .8

  • Kia Ugly SUV, PLZ! Dear. Demuro! 2019 New Genesis G90 review!

  • Doug “driver talk” DeMuro

  • What you know about tailgate speed controller!!! lol 😂 KIA on that 2020 level

  • There is no Giant Sunroof🤔 you can get that from a 2010 Nissan qashqai

  • Looks like the Rolls Royce SUV

  • 3:04 nice Hanes product placement there

  • Is it just me or does this thing look like a 2019 Ford Expedition?

  • Let’s call it the Kia Ascent! oh wait....

  • Saw one on the road today it looks nice not to bulky as a regular suv it looks sharp and the head lights are awesome

  • Just as I watch this the telluride commercial comes on

  • Front has a Range Rover look

  • I like it but I would have to get the top trim fully loaded. He should have reviewed the top trim version. And it's still in the low $40ks.

  • It’s big enough for 2 V6 engines. One engine to drive the vehicle and one for a generator to run all the electronics.

  • Doug is the type of guy to wear Hanes underwear

  • That color is ugly!😝😝😝😝😝

  • price is really competitive for what it offers, look a bit like a suburban but better

  • Skoda octavia rs please!


  • I can telluride is a soccer mom suv

  • Meanwhile at Kia ok ok ok guys we should make a new suv but what should it be called? The telluride. Good idea.

  • Wait you live in my neighborhood?! and this is the first time I see one of your vids, oh gee how come I barely found ya

  • Uglyx10