The Spiders and the Bees

გამოქვეყნდა 8 მარ 2019-ში
Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • I’m the most scared human about bees

  • 7:56 earrape.

  • my first bee sting was when i was saving a bee from drowning in a pool and it stung me in the thumb like an UNGRATEFUL little PEASANT who has no value for her own LIFE.

  • 2:16

  • I always go for the insect/arachnids head when i can for a clean, fast kill.

  • Some awesome kid at SkyZone was wearing a RIP Harry the Moth shirt. I gave him a high five because he’s awesome.

  • Listen my guy, I've been stung 8 times, and for some reason I love bees

  • I know that spiders are hardmless but .......i have ahranackfobia ;-; and i cant stand dem sorry

  • 10/10

  • Black widow is not the most venomous... Daddy long legs are but their teeth are to small so the venom won't affect us..... So yeah there's a fact XD luv ur vids also I think the reason bees are dying is because they die Everytime they sting someone

  • HOLY FRICK-James

  • Hi

  • Quickly! Go to this video

  • Spiders? Creepy Bees? Scary Wasps? Terrifying Butterflies? harmless Hotel? Trivago

  • Student: I SEE A SPIDER!! the one kid who loves killing bugs: LOOKS LIKE IT'S STEPPIN TIME!!


  • My favorite animal is a shark 🦈 Just had to say

  • We fear spiders because it is a nstural response to many of us being killed by the horribly venomous ones, it's like snakes. Remember, humankind originates from prehistoric Africa, where finding a non-dangerous species of snake is *very* rare, and where it makes complete sense to be afraid of the venomous spiders. It isn't *irrational* James, it's an out-dated instinct that evolved for a *very good reason* that only looks silly to our complacent brains addled by modern convienience, comfort, proper medicine & saftey.

  • I LOOOOVE bees, my dad has had a couple hives of them and ita always fun to give them candy and when they land of your finger you can see them up close they're adorable Cannot say the same for spiders

  • No the black widow deserves a machete

  • Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss I dot like bees and sbydrs to wan l see sbydrs and bees . I stort to fees so badleas And wgld 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹And run fictr than i ran

  • Which of y’all live in AZ? Gilbert represent

  • Maybe the reason the bee comes after you is because he mistaken you for a flower ;)

  • Not a bee, but once while walking a lap in single file with my 3rd grade class, a wasp was heading towards me and so I stayed still, probably the students behind me were annoyed and confused by me stopping. It landed on my hand and people started to notice. It crawled up my sleeve and this was where everyone lost their crap. They shouted, “ [Insert name here] has a bee in her sleeve!” Unknowing it was a wasp. The teacher came over and got the wasp out of my sleeve by rolling it up carefully. Didn’t even get stung. Currently 11 and still have not been stung by a bee / wasp.

  • Make soobway part 4 plz plz plz Leave a like if you think James should make part 4 of soobway 👇

  • So many puns

  • I have a riddle what is the strongest animal in the world A snail it carries its home😅

  • I hate bees but i know there the reason i live

  • Just saying

  • James real name is robbert

  • Most shark attacks are mistaken identy

  • Hey James you are my favorite youtube channel

  • Wasp are assholes’ on wigs

  • 4:43 damn bees always annoying, always hated them

  • LOVE THE VID👌👌👌👌👌👌🤘🤘🤘💎💎💎💎💎💎

  • *Lucas the Spider joined the chat*

  • *im still scared af of them*

  • once i was just asleep in my bed well at least trying to go to sleep and i had a cap or a scarf on my head then i heard some little foot steps on my cap and was like “o that a bug!? nah” then i fall asleep then i wake up get ready for the day have my cloths on the bed then i check to see if there really was a bug on me or on my bed and i see... something ...well i think...scary ;-; i see a little i think it was a furry spider on my “MoMmYyY!!!!”

  • #teamspider

  • You are in a music video with Alex

  • No I will not have any spiders in my house cuz I have very bad arachnophobia. ☹☹🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

  • My friend had a bee in her jacket once

  • the wasp sound at the end i FELt tHEm

  • Honey bees kill other tpyes of bees with VEMON!!!!!!!!BEE AFRAID OF THEM (pun intented lol)

  • Wholly frick

  • Almost 11 mill!

  • Hey James do u still donate blood

  • "and yeet it outside with the rest of god's forest animals"

  • I also got stung by a bee outside bare foot. I saw the bee my brain knew it was there and brain was like “Stepping on a bee is harmless, continue walking.” Then all the other time I got stung by a bee is by me stepping on it with the same foot.

  • make a video about how you draw your cartoons

  • 7:34 when you gf sees how small you are

  • Story time: So my school has a lot of plants AS IN A LOT.... So after school me and my friends would hang out in the garden because we like throwing fruits at each other cause we were young dumb and in elementary 😎 then one day there was a bee and we all freaked out but then the bee landed on my leg and remember we were in elementary so we had shorts..... so i freaked out but i didn’t move and I was tearing because of the bee and I had never been stung before and I only knew that it hurt like sh*t cause of my cousin who was an idiot and hit a bee hive... so my friends were laughing and teasing me and saying move and you die..... And then I cried but still not moving cause im a fking pro 😎 and the upkeeps of the school heard me and came to the garden and saw the bee and they said stay still and then they took a news paper fold in a funnel shape like a tube and then scooped the bee with the end of the newspaper and let it fly the end

  • 3:54

  • R u going to make a viseo about winning mr. Beast's challange vid

  • The daddy long legs is the most venomous spider in the country it just doesn't have big enough teeth

  • I got stung by 7 bees at the same time also sometimes I still feel it

  • I like some spiders

  • wait d webs can stop bullets or something but can’t trap us?

  • Ok ok ok.... so i was climbing a “mountain” COUGH COUGH HILL and I saw a bee. I was like ohhhh fu.... funions and then I walked slowly around it.... Someone told me it was a hornet. AAAAAAAAAA


  • 3:54 gottem

  • also there's a theory that suggests that using a smooth and slippery surface deinsentivises bees from smearing their antibiotic and protective wax all over their hive walls which they do in the wild....they need that protection....also #vaccinatebees

  • I have bee n ha little joke I have been stunned 15+ times

  • I've seen 24 brown recluses in my life

  • My friends freak out when they see bees but don’t when they see spiders.. I’m the opposite. Is that normal

  • It just looks tingly, like I always imagine it crawling on me

  • Lucas de spider give a like to this video

  • 7:31 - no one will know how fricking *TRUE* that is Edit - By the way, I did that, still got stung

  • 7:34 *holy frick.*

  • Me and my mate put all three of your suabway videos in our buiness presentation on subway.

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  • I'm allergic to bees and wasps so I'm very scared of bees and wasps

  • James you inspired me to make my own comics and I enjoy doing it thanks!

  • Bees are bad but help alot pleaplo

  • “Our species is completely harmless to them” Yup ...totally... black and brown colored spiders... America!!!

  • Dis Young god in 2 weeks Ago he was at 10 million now is almost that 11 million

  • 0:19 Hoomans no smart 2:30 Well ur the idiot spider!

  • There were a bee that was near me did not bite me

  • James can you make a math video...

  • 7:34 holy frick

  • Qaqqjsj

  • Hi james im not trying to push you but can you please post a video on my birthday April 5 This is from one of your biggist fan i have watched this video 5 times maybe even more! And it still makes me laugh so hard. I hope you see this james and it would be my dream come true! From- Amber

    • Happy early bday 🎂🎂🎂

  • Hey James u gonna reply to my email I wrote u🤔🤔🤔

  • If you were a math teacher I would totally wanna learn just saying you have so much energy :))

  • 7:57 when you win a battle of bees and wasps (wasps loose)

  • 7:34

  • 1:35 So Off Task.

  • I follow y’all on Twitter

  • Soon, I will drown In the ocean of comments

  • You should make a gaming video we’re your characters in the corner playing the game

  • "Yeah actually there's a high chance that they won't make it being thrown into a completely different environment...but they should have though of that before they decided to live in my house" EXACTLY. Like sorry fam but I don't have the *time* to go on a quest to find your family. Maybe you shoulda thought about that before you decided to crawl all over my clothes.

  • What animating software and tablet do you use? Like if you want to see a video about his tablet 👇

  • Spiders aren't an insect

  • Ummmmm mikala snow is girlfriends which James Idk but I saw a video and I It said my boyfriend dose my voice over and it was james ..................WHAT

  • This is me but I am afraid of like basically all insects like cockroaches and stuff

  • "Bees are docile creatures" *Great, then would you kindly explain why it chases me when I'm literally just walking and trying to enjoy life?"

  • 3:53 👌

  • James' rapper name would be little seatbelt.

  • Soy mexicano jujuju :)

  • one time i got stung by a wasp it hurts so much waa!